“The Real” Recording and Mixing


Former MWI student Justin Idems has been working at Metalworks Recording Studios on his album:

"Another First Step"- "My band The Real - www.the-real.ca has been working on writing/tracking/producing this album for the past year...It was mixed by Alf Annibalini, some of it was engineered by Joel Kazmi and parts were tracked at Elliott Sairan's studio, Gil Moore even provided us some studio time for tracking with Moncarz, and to finish up our mixes with Alf...The process of being in an indie band, self-producing, self-promoting, booking and playing shows, trying to build a fan base, raise capital, demo-ing, engineering, editing, rehearsing actually turned out to be quite a bit of work, that has been taking up the bulk of my time over the past year."- Justin Idems

You can hear a preview of the album here.

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