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Our Head mastering engineer Christopher Crerar, combined with our state of the art equipment, continue to make Metalworks one of the best Mastering facilities in North America.

As the final step in the creative process before manufacturing, mastering is the art and technique of preparing your music for replication by altering, defining and taking control of your music’s final mix.

Mastering allows the engineer to enhance the overall sonic presentation, polishing each song and realizing your music’s full potential, all the while bringing the various pieces of your album together. Shaping it and applying corrective equalization and dynamic enhancement to bring the producer and artists' vision resolute, creating consistency in volume and sound.

From stereo to Dolby Atmos, we provide world-class results and expertise. Indie clients are encouraged to inquire about our unattended rates for online mastering.

Metalworks is proud to offer High-Resolution Mastering and Mastering for streaming and Dolby Atmos in addition to our standard mastering options.

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