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Studio 1 has a large live room perfect for ensembles, a dead room and stone room, offering an array of acoustic options.

At the heart of the Metalworks, Control Room 1 is a vintage 32x16x24 Neve 8048 console fitted with 12x 1081, 12x 1064, 8x 1093 and 4x 1073 pre-amp/eq modules giving a wonderful array of options to suit any recording engineer. Pro Tools HDX Ultimate 2023 with 32 in/out (expandable) Apogee Symphony MKII Special Edition Mastering grade converters and a UAD satellite loaded with plug-ins. All running on a new silicon Mac. The room is outfitted with a generous assortment of classic outboard gear including Pultecs, 1176 Blue Stripe and Blackface, Distressors, Neve 2254s and many more.

This truly unique classic Neve console, along with the 24 x 50 solid maple studio floor, combined with a high ceiling and wood and stone walls, provide an endless assortment of acoustic possibilities for any session. Studio 1 is perfect for all types of projects, from small indie tracking sessions to high-profile recording projects of any style or size. For the artist‚ comfort, adjacent to the Control Room is a large, private lounge.

Studio 1 is equipped with a 5 station private Q headphone system which allows each member of a band to create a separate headphone mix to meet individual needs.

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Key Technical Features

Metalworks Studios is proud to offer fully Protools integrated studios with an array of vintage anolog gear, microphones, and industry-leading software. All equipment availability is subject to bookings and maintenance schedules.

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