Studio 6

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The centerpiece of Studio 6 at Metalworks is an 80 input SSL 9080 K console with Ultimation

This studio is capable of recording and mixing in surround with a Pro Tools 2023 system. Apogee Symphony MKII Special Edition Mastering grade converters running on a silicon Mac, loaded with plugins from UAD, Avid, Antares Auto-tune, Melodyne, Waves and more. The system includes 48 i/o (expandable to 96 outputs).

The ultimate in large-scale mix rooms, Studio 6 is Toronto’s best choice for recording in stereo or mixing in a variety of surround formats. The expert audio engineers at Metalworks Studios create a seamless experience in this multi-use facility. A 9ft film screen and Sony video monitors are available for Film/TV applications, and the room is Dolby authorized.

The opulent 25ft X 22ft studio features a stone fireplace and high ceiling and is complemented by an oak paneled private lounge and billiard area.

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Key Technical Features

Metalworks Studios is proud to offer fully Protools integrated studios with an array of vintage anolog gear, microphones, and industry-leading software. All equipment availability is subject to bookings and maintenance schedules.

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