Studio 2

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Metalworks Studios Control Room 2 features an 80-input SSL 4080 G+ console with Ultimation and Total Recall.

This recording and mixing suite boasts an Apogee Symphony system loaded with plugins including the Waves platinum bundle, UAD Ultimate Bundle, Antares Autotune, Focusrite D2/D3, etc. The system includes 32 in/32 out (expandable to 96 outputs) and Sync HD making it ideal for any high-end mixing or editing project. A large assortment and variety of classic outboard gear is in place to compliment the available plug-ins.

The adjacent 14 x 20 studio features a hardwood floor and high ceiling, perfect for any performance vocal or musical overdub.

This large, fully appointed music editing and mixing studio is equipped for all music formats as well as lock-to-picture.

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Key Technical Features

Metalworks Studios is proud to offer fully Protools integrated studios with an array of vintage anolog gear, microphones, and industry-leading software. All equipment availability is subject to bookings and maintenance schedules.

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