Team Building

Team Building

We are offering a team building program that will encourage collaboration for corporate groups large or small. No musical experience is required for this creative, high energy and congregate activity. By undertaking the task of collectively writing a song with the assistance and guidance of industry musicians in a professional studio environment, participants will be enticed into effectively using creativity, communication and focus to create an end product everyone can take home with them.


Metalworks Studios extends the opportunity for your employees to enter into an electrifying and symbiotic experience where members will be split into groups and paired with musicians to guide them through the song writing process. Through a combined effort it will be the responsibility of each team to compose an original song with the vision of a certain theme in mind. Whether you choose to write about your company’s corporate message, a lost childhood pet or forgotten first love, the responsibility among the partners is to use their different skills and perspectives to achieve their end goal.

Afterwards, the musicians and team members will put their efforts into practice and participate in the spectacle of recording their songs in full, the goal being to jointly and equitably designate roles, while strengthening trust to best construct their end product, viewing it as an opportunity for new ideas and creativity to come together.

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