Studio Webcast and Online Streaming

Studio Webcast and Online Streaming

Webcast technology will give you the most powerful marketing tool available today. Set up in one of our amazing-looking Studios, Metalworks gives you the means to use the Internet via Webcast for World Wide distribution of your music performance. At the same time we will be recording your performance simultaneously in Video and Audio. Your audio will go through the Metalworks Studio world-level production process and you will be given a Line Cut of the show, plus all your separate video and audio files for post-editing if you wish.

This gives you the option to post a Line Cut of your show immediately to YouTube, Facebook or any other social media site. You can also re-edit your Video and Audio files for a live DVD, and remix your audio files for a Live CD. Metalworks can help with all these endless possibilities. Please call to discuss all of our capabilities and options for your particular needs.

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