The Meaghan Zaremba Music Room

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Read Meaghan's Incredible Story and Donate

We are pleased to donate a Fender Stratocaster guitar and accompanying amplifier to Meaghan Zaremba and ‘The Meaghan Zaremba Music Room’.

When Meaghan was 5 years old, she was involved in a devastating car accident with her father and two brothers. She suffered a broken jaw, broken arm, severe facial lacerations and a significant brain injury. The evening of the accident, Meaghan endured eleven hours of surgery at Sick Kids Hospital, with surgery soon after to remove a portion of her left frontal lobe due to infection. For the following three months, Meaghan remained in a coma. When she awoke, doctors told the family to expect the worst. Meaghan endured years of operations, severe dizzy spells and debilitating seizures that pulled her from school; at the age of 19, the remainder of her frontal lobe was removed. Subsequently, Meaghan discovered her passion for music at Tisho’s Music Academy in Bolton.

Today, at the age of 32 Meaghan is reaching out to the community to help her raise $100,000 to complete the ‘The Meaghan Zaremba Music Room’ at Tisho’s. This room, designed for those with special needs, would be a musical outlet for self-expression and to have fun. Meaghan regularly plays for a group of disabled adults, but wants to open up the room and her love for music to the broader community.

Meaghan and mother, Danielle were presented with the guitar and amp on-site at Metalworks Studios. “Life is finally coming together for Meaghan and as her mother, knowing her better than she knows herself, I will say with absolute conviction, that had it not been for Mary and Tisho and the Tisho’s Music Academy, I honestly do not know where Meaghan would be today.”

For more on Meaghan’s story and to donate, please visit:

Meaghan with Metalworks Founder and CEO, Gil Moore

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