Nick Blagona



Artist Project Label Role
Anadosamethyst Child Indie Mastering
Weekend Riot Clubpsychotropia   Mastering
Johnny Maxx Bandit A Long Road Home   Mastering
Groove Corporation Record Prophet   Mastering
Rita Di Ghentsprawl Birth of Sprawl Indigo Mastering
Alexisonfire Death Letter   Mastering
Jason Ford Babnd Americana   Mastering
Jordan Lee Americana   Mastering
Ian Gillan Gillan's Inn Emergent Mastering
  Live in Anaheim   Mastering
Shad The Old Prince   Mastering
Tommy Zuniversal   South Blossom Mastering
Zed Sketch Zed Sketch   Mastering
Michael Lee Jackson In a Heartbeat Emmergent Mastering
George Trip Hop   Mastering
John Acosta     Mastering
Shattered Core     Mastering
Jay Murphy     Mastering
Eliana Cuevas     Mastering
King Biscuit Boy   True North Mastering
Catherine Lambert   Audiogram? Mastering
E-S3MI   Music Canada Mastering
10, 000 Maniacs The Earth Pressed Flat   Mastering
Signal Hill     Mastering
Las Vegas Crypt Keeper   Homestead Recorders Mastering
L.J Baylee     Mastering
Amanda Stott     Mastering
Headstones   EMI Mastering
Scratch   Iron Music Mastering
B2KRAZY     Mastering
Colette Baron-Reid     Mastering
Molly Johnson   Universal Mastering
I Mother Earth   EMI Mastering
John McDermott   EMI Mastering
Myles Goodwin   Civilian Mastering
Econline Crush   EMI Mastering
Templar   EMI Mastering
Sarah Saint   Iron Music Mastering
Smooth   EMI Mastering
L.J Baylee     Mastering
David Usher     Mastering
Oliver Hayes     Mastering
Brad Roberts     Mastering
Alan Frew     Mastering
Zukerbaby   Universal Mastering
Tina Turner   Hoodoo Films Mastering
Serial Joe Face Down Aquarius Records Mastering
Jasmine Dion     Mastering
Ronnie Hawkins     Mastering
Richard Sequin     Mastering
McAuley     Mastering
Moist     Mastering
Sky   EMI Mastering
Kim Stockwood     Mastering
Tea Party Triptych EMI Mastering
Anne Murray Inspiration Double album EMI Mastering
Alannah Myles   Copeland Management Mastering
2Rude Thinkin About You   Mastering
Maestro These Eyes (1998)   Mastering
Angel Luis Marquez     Mastering
Reggae Cowboy     Mastering
Loogans     Mastering
Pierre Robichaud     Mastering
Ryan Peters     Mastering
Tone Poets     Mastering
Pat Hewitt     Mastering
Louise Poirier     Mastering
Mishka & The Urban Beat     Mastering
Lance Anderson     Mastering
Googoo Dolls     Mastering
Jah Beng   Indie Mastering
Firedance   Indie Mastering
Michael Burgess   Attic Mastering
Confunction     Mastering
Vertigo   Popular Records Mastering
Freudz Couch     Mastering
Downchild     Mastering
Robbie Lane   Pacemaker Records ReMastering
Park Island     Mastering
Lawrence Gowan Compliation Bob Romper Mgmt Mastering
Mary Lu Zahalan   Sony Music Mastering
Claire Pelletier   Musicart Canada Mastering
Georgette Fry   Justin Time Records Mastering
Messenjah     Mastering
Biohazard   Magnetic Records ReMastering
Will Veloz   Quality Records Mastering
Toronto Tabla Ensemble     Mastering
Tariq     Mastering
D.W. James   Marshmellow Records Mastering
Handslang     Mastering
Koller/ Michel   Zsan Records Mastering
Canadian AllStars Big Band/ Swing A Tribute to Glenn Miller Vol. 1 & 2   Mastering
Memo Acevedo & Jazz Cartel Building Bridges   Mastering
Deep Purple Slave & Masters Sterling Sound NYC Mastering
George Koller World Beat Zsan Records Mastering
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