Joel Kazmi



Artist Project Label Role
Farenheit Farenheit EP Indie Producer, Record, Mix
Fuscia Wake Up Indie Producer, Record, Mix
Focal Point Demo Indie Producer, Record, Mix
Nadia Kazmi "Mother" Indie Producer, Record, Mix
Princess Riot Demo Indie Producer, Record, Mix
Reno "You" Red Disc Records Producer, Record, Mix
Westpoint Goodbye Rocket Bent Penny Producer, Record, Mix
Clas "Who Say" Kingzmen Ent. Mixing
In Essence "Electronic Relaxation" Sony/ BMG Mixing
Deekaye Ibomeka Love Stories Wychwood Mix/ Record
Fefe Dobson Truth Anthem Universal Mix/ Record
Fiction City Mona Indie Mix/ Record
Jacksoul Ressurected BMG Mix/Record
Jacksoul My Soul BMG Mix/ Record
The Full Blast The Full Blast BlackBox Recordings Mix/ Record
Supervox Live at the Hardrock DVD Indie Mix/Record
Wild Strawberries Wrong To Let You Go Indie Additional Mixing
Kalan Porter 219 Days Sony/ BMG Record
Our Lady Peace Radio Unplugged Sony/ BMG Record
Sloan All Used Up Sony/ BMG Record
Snack Live DVD Indie Record
The Fray Live at the KoolHaus Sony/ BMG Record
Tyrese Gibson TBA J Records  
Andreena Mill TBA Capitol Hill  
Jelleestone Jelleestone Thirteen Warner Additional Recording
No Warning Suffer, Survive Sony/ BMG Additional Recording
N Sync Celebrity Jive Additional Recording
Raptile feat Rah Digga TBA Sony/ BMG Additional Recording
Saukrates TBA Blacksmith Ent. Additional Recording
Sugar Jones Sugar Jones Universal Additional Recording
Sum 41 All Killer No Filler Island/ Def Jam Additional Recording
Sum 41 Does This Look Infected? Island/ Def Jam Additional Recording
Ashley McIsaac Helter's Celtic Loggerhead Digital Editing
David Usher Black Black Heart Remix EMI Digital Editing
Moist Machine Punch Through EMI Digital Editing
Tea Party Illuminations EMI Digital Editing
Tea Party Interzone Mantras EMI Digital Editing
Triumph US Festival 5.1 Remix TRC Digital Editing
Triumph Halifax 5.1 Remix TRC Digital Editing
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