Wayne Cochrane



Artist Project Label Role
Crimes In Paris Corrupt The Kids Indie Producer/Engineer/ Mixer
Mad Ones "Miracle Intention" and "Caged" Indie Mix Engineer
Wool and Howl Howl EP Indie Producer/ Engineer/ Mixer
Ollie Vee   Indie Engineer/ Mixer
Arkells Live from Montreal (iTunes Exclusive) Indie Mix Engineer
Elliott Brood Live from Montreal (iTunes Exclusive) Paper Bag Records Mix Engineer
Sophie Milman Live from Montreal (iTunes Exclusive) Linus Ent. Mix Engineer
Kaïn Live from Montreal (iTunes Exclusive) Les Disques Passeport Mix Engineer
The Ruby Spirit Born Under a Veil Indie Engineer
Dryer "Its Over" Roy Orbison cover/ tribute Sony/ ATV Engineer
Kate Voegele Live Session (iTunes Exclusive)- EP Interscope Engineer/Mixer
Danielle Todd Between You and Me… Indie Producer/Engineer/ Mixer
Negramaro Casa 69 Sugar Engineer
The Jimmy Bowskill Band Back Number Ruf Records Engineer
Hunter Valentine "Youthful Existence" for Master Tracks True North Records Engineer
The Ascot Royals Self-titled EP   Assistant Engineer
Decades   White Girl Records Assistant Engineer
Lights Siberia Universal Assistant Engineer
Lights Live Session (iTunes Exclusive)-EP Universal Assistant Engineer
Elise LeGrow "No Good Woman" & Self-Titled EP Sony/ ATV Second Engineer
Modern Superstitions Sunbleached Last Gang/ Universal Second Engineer (editing/ mixing)
The Abrams Brothers "13" and "While You Sleep"   Second Engineer (editing/ mixing)
Dee Sharma Urban Monk Indie Mix Engineer
Time Giant     Assistant Engineer
Silvergun and Spleen Semi Truck Indie Assistant Engineer
Rosedale Real Bent Penny Records Engineer
Holly Cole TBA    
The Balconies Kill Count-EP   Assistant Engineer
Disco Pirate Dead Men Tell No Tales Indie Producer/Engineer/ Mixer
All Bands Master Tracks on Aux TV Aux Second Engineer
Mudpit Mudpit TV Show Teletoon Second Engineer (editing/ mixing)
Metric Fantasies Last Gang/ Universal Second Engineer
City and Colour Live Session (iTunes Exclusive)-EP Dine Alone Records Second Engineer
Dinosaur Bones Birthright EP and My Divider Dine Alone Records Assistant Engineer
Arkells Jackson Square Indie Second Engineer
Johnny Reid Christmas Maple Music Seconf Engineer
Hey Ocean! Big Blue Wave EP & IS Hey Ocean/ Universal Second Engineer (editing/ mixing)
She King TBA-2011 Indie Second Engineer (editing/ mixing)
Cancer Bats Bears, Mayors, Scraps and Bones Distort Ent. Assistant Engineer
Clothes Make The Man Distance Indie Second Engineer
Lewis Moorman TBA Bent Penny Records Engineer
Arkells Live Session (iTunes Exclusive)-EP Indie 2nd Engineer (tracking/ mixing)
Sarah Harmer Live Session (iTunes Exclusive)-EP Universal Music 2nd Engineer (tracking/ mixing)
The Envy Deception-EP Universal Music Assistant Engineer (Mix)
The Sadies Live Session (iTunes Exclusive)-EP Indie Second Engineer (editing/ mixing)
Stereos "A Lot Like You" & "Yeah Yeah Yeah" Universal Music Second Engineer (editing/ mixing)
Matt Mays Live Session (iTunes Exclusive)-EP   2nd Engineer (tracking/ mixing)
.Moneen. The World I Want To Leave Behind Dine Alone Records Assistant Engineer
.Moneen. Live Session (iTune Exclusive)-EP Dine Alone Records 2nd Engineer (tracking/ mixing)
Hoobastank TBA Island Second Engineer
Pholk Jam Gheri Fine With Nine Indie Tracking/ Mix Engineer
Superfire The Flames of Superfire Indie Tracking/ Mix Engineer
Claypine Claypine Indie Producer/ Engineer
Tokyo Police Club Live Session (iTunes Exclusive)-EP SaddleCreek Records 2nd Engineer (tracking/ mixing)
Placebo Battle For The Sun Radiator Lady Inc. Assistant Engineer
The Midway State Holes Interscope/ Remedy Assistant Engineer/ digital editing
Joel Plaskett Live Session (iTunes Exclusive)-EP Maple Music Assistant Engineer
Protest The Hero Fortess U.O. / Vagrant Assistant Engineer (mix)
Ill Scarlett Live Session (iTunes Exclusive)-EP Sony/BMG 2nd Engineer (tracking/ mixing)
Sam Roberts Live Session (iTunes Exclusive)-EP Universal Music Assistant Engineer (mix)
Simple Plan Live Session (iTunes Exclusive)-EP Lava/ Atlantic Assistant Engineer (Mix)
Wintersleep Live Session (iTunes Exclusive)-EP Labwork Music 2nd Engineer (tracking/ mixing)
Kathleen Edwards Live Session (iTunes Exclusive)-EP Zoe Records 2nd Engineer (mix)
Barenaked Ladies "Big Bang Theory" Desperation Records Assistant Engineer
Die Mannequin "Hand in Hand" on Unicorn Steak Warner Music Canada Assistant Engineer
Dryer Out Like a Light Sony/ATV 2nd Engineer (editing/mixing)
The Cliks "Wolfman" & "S.U.V" Warner Music Canada 2nd Engineer
Life Support Life Support Indie Assistant Engineer
The Weakerthans Live Session (iTunes Exclusive)-EP Epitaph 2nd Engineer (tracking/ mixing)
The Ending The Begininng of the Ending Universal Music 2nd Engineer (tracking/ mixing)
David Clayton Thomas The Evergreens DCT Music Pub. Assistant Engineer
Katy Perry TBA Capitol Assistant Engineer
Alan Frew & Michael Hanson Free To Be (Leafs and Canada Song) Indie 2nd Engineer (mix)
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