Chris Crerar


Artist Project Label Role
Tom Cochrane Take It Home Universal Mastering Engineer
Tom Jackson Ballads Not Bullets Universal Mastering Engineer
Serena Ryder iTunes Live in Montreal Universal Mix Engineer
Aaron Jensen From Sea To Sea SING! Mastering Engineer
Born Ruffians Say It WARP Engineer
Paul Manchin POP PaulManchin Mastering Engineer
Haley Reinhart Better OLE Mastering Engineer
Jazz Cartier Set Fire Independent Mastering Engineer
Ill Scarlett 1Up! Sony BMG Engineer
Emily Marquis Old School Love Zack Yassin Mastering Engineer
Prince Musicology NPG Sony 2nd Engineer
Daydreamer Running From Time AlexHaddad Mastering Engineer
Alter Kakers Amanda AlterKakers Mastering Engineer
Angele Manard Pleased To Meet You Cloverland Mastering Engineer
To The Wolves Your Body TTW Mastering Engineer
Three Days Grace Life Starts Now Jap SE Jive Engineer
Jill Barber Chances iTunes Live Mix Engineer
Blind Race Come and Get It BLINDRACE Mastering Engineer
Brian Scumbally The Show Edge Mastering Engineer
Bachman Cummings First Time Around DVD Sony BMG Record Engineer
Parabelle (Kevin Mastisyn) Parabelle Big Machine Records Record/Mix Engineer
The Stills iTunes Arts & Crafts Mix Engineer
Mary Rose Obsession Chains to Nowhere F.A.M.E Producer, Rec/Mix Engineer
Akasha Light On Yoga Mantras Akasha Mastering Engineer
Joey Onabolu Stay With Me Independent Mastering Engineer
K'Naan iTunes A&M/Octone Records Mix Engineer
Saga The Human Condition Inside Out Engineer
Sean Abbott Band Abbott Independent Mastering Engineer
Lights iTunes Doghouse Underground Ops Mix Engineer
A.C. Newman iTunes Matador/Last Gang/Broken Horse Mix Engineer
Goldie Cruize Goldie Cruize Independent Mastering Engineer
Bachman Cummings Jukebox Sony BMG Add.Record Engineer
Hail the Villain Population: Declining Roadrunner Records 2nd Engineer
Billy D Rockstar Ultimate Bar Song Independent Mastering Engineer
Ben Fooks The Way We Belong Independent Mastering Engineer
Peter, Bjorn and John iTunes Wichita/V2, Almost Gold, Shock Record Engineer
Breaking Wind Breaking Wind Indie Record/Mix Engineer
Backstreet Boys AJ   2nd Engineer
Jermaine Maxwell On Your Way Up Independent Mastering Engineer
DJ Champion iTunes Interscope Mix Engineer
Ill Scarlett Demo Independent 2nd Engineer
Justin Nozuka Live off The Floor Coalition Entertainment/Warner Record Engineer
Tom Cochrane No Stranger universal/interscope 2nd Engineer
Barenaked Ladies Nettwerk Are Me 2nd Engineer/Digital Editing
Aline Morales Flores, Tambores e Amores Aline Morales Record/Mix Engineer
Jeff Hayward LIFE Independent Mastering Engineer
Tony Calabrese Cha Cha Independent Mastering Engineer
Ben Hur Between Flower and Hive Ben Hur Mastering Engineer
Jill Barber iTunes Live in Montreal Outside Mix Engineer
Times Times EP Indie Record/Mix Engineer
Dolores O'Riordan Are You Listening? Sequel Records, Sanctuary Records 2nd Engineer
Joseph Arthur iTunes Real World Mix Engineer
David Clayton-Thomas The Evergreens Fontana North Universal Protools Engineer
David Clayton-Thomas Spectrum TBA Protools Engineer
Life Support Life Support Indie Record Engineer
Prljavo Kazaliste Tajno Ime Croatia Records Sony Mix Engineer
Kobra and the Lotus Kobra Indie Mix Engineer
Liam Titcomb Can't Let Go Double Dorje Records Add.Record Engineer
Eva Avila AOL AOL Sessions 2nd Engineer
Fefe Dobson / Jay Levine TBA Mental Case Music. 2nd Engineer
Adrian Rasso TBA Indie Mix Engineer
George Canyon George Canyon Reiny Dawg Ltd. Universal 2nd Engineer
Glass Tiger LIVE   2nd Engineer
Glen Chipkar Gone   Record/Mix Engineer
Bedouin Sound Clash AOL AOL Sessions 2nd Engineer
Silent Hill Silent Hill Motion Picture 2nd Engineer
Alfa Rococo iTunes Tacca Musique Mix Engineer
Moksa EP Independent Record/Mix Engineer
Lost Fingers iTunes Live in Montreal / Management: IMF Mix Engineer
Nelly Furtado TRY Dreamworks 2nd Engineer
Nelly Furtado Folklore Dreamworks 2nd Engineer
Kenny Green KG Indie Record/Mix Engineer
Peter Katz More Nights MAPL Record Engineer (strings)
Drowning Girl Dead or Alive EMI Mix Engineer
The Guess Who LIVE   2nd Engineer
Rockstar Games The Warriors Rockstar Games Toronto 2nd Engineer
The Reason The Reason   2nd Engineer/Digital Editing
Moneen AOL AOL Sessions 2nd Engineer
North Of Hollywood Demo Indy Record/Mix Engineer
Feist AOL AOL Sessions 2nd Engineer
Saga Saga   2nd Engineer
Sara Slean AOL AOL Sessions 2nd Engineer
my psycho ex TBA Independent Record Engineer
DiAnise   Indiepool Mix Engineer
Anthony Electronic Vocal Choir Independent Record Engineer
JD Blackfoot Hate To Say Goodbye Independent Record/Mix Engineer
Bad to The Cone Bad to The Cone   2nd Engineer
Black Bud Black Bud Independiente Records 2nd Engineer
Beyond Eden Beyond Eden Independent 2nd Engineer
Blasternaut Blasternaut Caos Music 2nd Engineer/Digital Editing
Cara Cortese Cortese   Record/Mix Engineer
Carolyn Dawn Johnson TBA BMG Canada 2nd Engineer
Carlos Morgan TBA Independent 2nd Engineer
Carpet Frogs TBA Independent 2nd Engineer
Chantal Quesnelle Zero Man   2nd Engineer
City Of Vaughan City Of Vaughan Tanis Productions 2nd Engineer
Clifton David Group TBA   Record/Mix Engineer
Creative Collective Writers Camp Independent Record/Mix Engineer
DAK TBA Independent Mix Engineer
Dave Smiderle   Indy Mix Engineer
Danny Nunes TBA Independent 2nd Engineer
Derek Jordan TBA Independent Record/Mix Engineer
Skillet Skillet Atlantic 2nd Engineer/Digital Editing
Don Cherry and Ron Mclean Zero Man   2nd Engineer
Errol Errol   Mix Engineer
ESP Ford ESP 2nd Engineer
Glenn Higgins Demo Georgie Fab 2nd Engineer/Digital Editing
Hernani Raposo TBA Independent Record Engineer
Hard Attack Hard Attack   2nd Engineer
Irina TBA Independent Record Engineer
Jkeys   Jkeys Productions Record Engineer
Jamie Prokop TBA Hutt-Biggs 2nd Engineer
Jordan Cook / The New Alone TBA EPIC RECORDS 2nd Engineer
Leslie Pike TBA Indy Record Engineer
Lockwood TBA Indy Mix Engineer
Lori Nuic Lori Nuic   2nd Engineer/Digital Editing
Madras Dosa Com. Independent Record/Mix Engineer
Mars Mars   2nd Engineer
Mr. Nobody Soon TBA Independent 2nd Engineer
Northern Lights Northern Lights   Record/Mix Engineer
Nothing Sacred Nothing Sacred   2nd Engineer/Digital Editing
Peter Prilesnik     2nd Engineer
Planet Four Planet Four   2nd Engineer
Platypi Demo Independent 2nd Engineer
Porter TBA Independent 2nd Engineer
RBBC First Time Around DVD   Record Engineer
Sean Hogan TBA   2nd Engineer
Season Back 4 My Fans   Mix Engineer
Seven Days Torn TBA 121 Ventures Inc. 2nd Engineer
ShariLynn TBA Indy Record Engineer
Sue Foley TBA   2nd Engineer
Syntifik TBA 13 Ronin 2nd Engineer
Taylor Jordan Miss Idol   Record/Mix Engineer
Tanis Productions Tanis Tapes   Record/Mix Engineer
Tex Tex   Mix Engineer
Tiffany Costa TBA Indy Record/Mix Engineer
Triumph Y108 Interview   2nd Engineer/Digital Editing
Tunnel Vision TBA   Mix Engineer
Tupolo Honey TBA Sony 2nd Engineer
The Ryde The Ryde   Record Engineer
The Weekend TBA c'mon kid 2nd Engineer
URS QEW URS Record/Mix Engineer
URS 5.1 Sound Design URS 2nd Engineer
Van Bastalaar TBA   Record Engineer
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