David Usher

David Usher (born April 24, 1966) is a British-born Canadian singer-songwriter. Formerly the frontman for the alternative rock band Moist, he embarked on a solo career beginning in 1997 and has released seven solo albums to date.


David Usher recorded his acoustic, debut solo album "Little Songs" in his kitchen in three 10-day stretches. Little Songs was released in April 1998 during Moist's hiatus following the release of Creature.


Following Moist's Mercedes 5 and Dime, Usher revived his solo career and released the highly successful Morning Orbit in the summer of 2001. It contains the hit singles "Alone in the Universe", as well as "Black Black Heart" which was co-produced by Jeff Martin, former frontman for the Canadian rock group The Tea Party. Other "special guests" on Morning Orbit include rapper Snow, Jagori Tanna and Bruce Gordon from I Mother Earth as well as Gord Sinclair from The Tragically Hip.   This album also features Metalworks Studios’ freelance engineers Nick Blagona (Engineer) and Joel Kazmi (Assistant Engineer, Digital Editing)

In 2003, he released another solo album entitled Hallucinations, which features a cover track by Manic Street Preachers entitled "If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next", as well as a bonus disc which includes live tracks and one remixed track.  Hallucinations features Metalworks Studios’ freelance engineers Ian Bodzasi (Assistant) and Joel Kazmi (Assistant)

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